Numeracy Lesson 2

Numeracy Lesson 2
Please get in your 'sit spots'
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MathematicsPrimary EducationAge 4,5

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Numeracy Lesson 2
Please get in your 'sit spots'

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Learning Intentions
WALT: Identify and create patterns with an art activity.

WILF: Students who can create their own pattern using art materials. The pattern must be repeated at least once.

TIB: Patterns are in the world around us – trees have patterns with their branches and leaves, the days of the week and months of the year follow a pattern, the petals on a flower have a pattern, even our bodies have patterns in them!

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Where have you seen patterns?

Share your ideas with me and I will write them down.

Let's try clapping a pattern together.

Let's create our own pattern.
First, I'll show you how.

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Share and Reflect

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