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Today's Lesson
   1.  Introduction to planner and upcoming exams.
   2.  Learning Goals
3. Recap Essay
 4. Essay writing

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Learning goals
  • You can give your opinion about a topic

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Writing Skills

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What on earth is an essay?!
An essay is a piece of writing that:
  •  Has 5 paragraphs.
  • You express  an opinion about something.
  •  You try to prove your point by coming up with evidence and     examples. .

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Essay writing
1. Include a short introduction. Start with a 'hook' and explain what the rest of the essay will be about. 
2. Write  3 longer paragraphs for the main body of the essay. Include all the information( examples, facts, opinion of experts)
3. Include a short conclusion. Emphasise your own opinion and/or the most important point in your essay.

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Linking words and phrases:

  • To express personal opinions:  In my opinion, I believe that, I feel that/ it seems to me/ in my view/ as I see it / I think/ personally.

  • To show purpose: to / in order to / so as to / so that
  • To list ideas: Firstly/secondly/ finally/ In the first place/Lastly/ In addition/ in conclusion
  • To contrast ideas: However/ although/ in contrast/ whereas/ but/ nethertheless / in spite of / despite. 

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Structure of an Essay

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Topic: "Courage is Contagious"!
  • Watch the Ted-talk on Courage is Contagious.
  • Follow the "Stappenplan Essay".
  • Write down:  what you thought of the Ted-Talk, if you agree or disagree with the speaker and why? What does this mean to you personally and is Courage really Contagious?
  • At least 200 words or more!!! In English ofcourse!
Courage is Contagious

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stappenplan ESSAY
Step 1: Figure out your main points and create the headings for your outline. ...
Step 2: Add your supporting ideas. ...
Step 3: Turn your headings and subheadings into complete sentences. ...
Step 4: Construct your paragraphs.

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A few more things...
  • Duidelijk bericht. Praat er niet te veel omheen!
  • Geen samentrekkingen.
  •  Formeel taalgebruik.
  • Maak gebruik van 

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