Phrasal Verbs: Part 2 - A2Y - 20 November 2019

Phrasal Verbs: Part 2
Rock on like a Dancing Unicorn

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Phrasal Verbs: Part 2
Rock on like a Dancing Unicorn

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Today's Lesson
  • We'll set off on our second phrasal verb journey together
  • Jot down what we already know about phrasal verbs
  • Show off our phrasal verb skills
  • Come up with examples of phrasal verbs and how to use them in memes/gifs

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Aims of Today's Lesson
  • That you can give 5 examples of 5 DIFFERENT phrasal verbs
  • That you can give examples of those 5 different phrasal verbs in 5 different sentences
  • To prepare you for Friday's phrasal verb exam

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Show me what you're made of:
What do you remember
about phrasal verbs? (the formula? examples?)

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Phrasal Verbs
A phrase that is a verb in a phrase
Verbs that are like phrases
Phrases that indicate what happens to nouns
Phrases that indicate an action

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So what's the Deal?
So the formula is:

Verb + Preposition/Adverb = Phrasal verb




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Mistakes Were Made

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Wise Words Wednesday

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Identify the
phrasal verb

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Find or make 10-20 memes/gif online using the following phrasal verbs in a sentence in the meme/gif:

Carry on             Look for               Look up              Talk over
Move on             Care for                Come in              Work out
Put on               Feel for                 Cut down on.      Tell off
Move out.          Sit down             Fill in                      Let off
Come out          Get up                 Look into             Send off
Go out                 Turn over            Push off              Break off
Call off.               Cut off                  Log off                 Check in

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Share your work
Send your meme/gif to:

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