LASK 4.2 Essay Writing

LASK 4.2
Writing Essays Part 2
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LASK 4.2
Writing Essays Part 2

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After reading the feedback you received, what do you need to work on?

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Key points to revise
  • The right tone
  • Creating a catchy title
  • Sophisticated Grammar
  • Impressive Vocabulary
  • Discourse Markers
  • Personal opinion in the conclusion
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The sharing of cultural food promotes an intermingling of different groups of people that otherwise would have no connection to one another.

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Food unifies us and provides with opportunities to share experiences through conversation with our loved ones.

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Everybody wants to live healthy. Yet this might not always be reflected in the way we eat.

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Many cultures have rich culinary traditions which go way back.

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This leads to many people choosing for an easy and quick option like fast-food.

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Part Two: The Discursive Essay
  • 50% of your grade
  • You have a choice of tasks
  • One of the tasks is a discursive essay

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  • You present an argument
  • Clear organization and logical sequence of ideas are required
  • "Unmarked" register
  • Impersonal in tone

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The Task
You have been investigating the status of music in society and have asked professional musicians and music teachers for their views. Now your tutor has asked you to write an essay assessing the importance of music nowadays, with reference to people in the music industry.

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Music is something that we perhaps take for granted in our daily lives, particulary when it exists in the form of background music, from advertising jingles to MTV. 
However, do we as a society take music as seriously as we should? In this essay, I will examine this subject from the perspectives of the professional music teacher, giving my own views on the status of music today. (p.56)

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How can the tone be improved?

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Writing a Catchy Title
  • Has to reflect the main theme
  • Use your thesis statement
  • Capitalize all words except pronouns etc
  • Use popular phrases

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Over to you! Write a catchy title for the essay on music

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Write the essay

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What did you think of today's lesson?

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