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Parts of speech
In English there are 8 parts of speech
In Dutch you call them: woordsoorten

Do you know all eight?

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Parts of speech

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The parts of speech
Noun = zelfst.nw
Pronoun = pers. vnw
Verb = ww
Adjective = bijv. nw
Adverb = bijwoord
Preposition = voorzetsel
Conjunction =voegwoord
Interjection = tussenwerpsel

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assignment: word formations

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How do you do this?
First look at the verb:

What words can you form from this word?
Then catagorize them into groups: 
Nouns, adjectives and adverbs

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Slide 7 - Mind map

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Let's start
Look at the words in captital on your sheet.

What is the part of speech for each word write it before the sentence.
Is it a noun?
Is it an adjective?
Is it an adverb?

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For each gap think about

  1. What type of word do we need to make?
  2. What is the meaning of the sentence?

Fill out the sample task: ask yourself these questions for each word. Note down what change has been required, e.g. noun to adjective.


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Checking answers

Homework next lesson

B2 sheet

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