HVG3-EN-2122- Theme 2 - Week 47 - instruction

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This lesson contains 20 slides, with interactive quizzes, text slides and 1 video.

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What makes a character fun?

Slide 2 - Mind map

What makes a (book) character boring?

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What are we learning this week?

- how characters are “built” in story;
- can introduce your character from your story to a classmate;
- can identify the elements that make your character;
- can analyze a scene to help understand the characters;
- can rewrite parts of the story from a different point of view.

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What to expect today?
* instruction on characters & how the writers create them;
* short story "The fun they had"
* writing assignment: summary in 1 sentence

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Watch the video and answer the questions

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Which type of these characters do you usually like?

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Name 1 of the character types mentioned

Slide 9 - Open question

Give an example of a flat character from the last story that you've read/watched

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Give an example of a round character from the last story that you've read/watched

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Give an example of a dynamic character

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Give an example of a static character

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The fun they had
Listen to the story (or read along using your own text) 
Make a list of the characters

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Who is the most important character?
The county inspector
Mrs Jones

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How would you describe Tommy in 3 words?

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How would you describe Margie in 3 words?

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Why does Margie think that school was more fun a 100 years ago?

Slide 18 - Open question

Describe in 1 sentence what this story is about.

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How well do you understand "characters" at the end of this lesson?

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