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My name is miss Kieft
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My name is miss Kieft

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Let's check if we are all here.

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  • What are we going to do this year
  • How do my lessons work
  • Books + online
  • Writing

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What are we going to do this year

Several different books and readers
Focus is on the skills
Part is online, so bring your tablet to every lesson!

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How do my lessons work
Usually along the same lines
Follow the planner, also when you have been sick
Use of Lesson Up (that means you need your tablet)
Bring something to write on

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How do my lessons work
No eating in the classroom
Drinking water is okay
Speak English
No use of swear words
It's okay to make mistakes

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Several books
Start with Make it Work

Part of it is online, so bring your device

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I want to know what you know about English and what you want to learn.

Get pen and paper out
There are questions on the next slide.

We are going to save these letters and use them later in the year

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Maybe copy it in neat handwriting :)

Put your name on it.

Hand it in.

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Write a letter - 140 words
What did your English lessons look like last year?
Something you really remember about the lessons.
What kind of activities would you like to see in the lessons?
What is your best/favourite subject in English?
How was your attitude towards English last year?
What is your attitude going to be this year?
Where do you see yourself at the end of the year?

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