Revision H1 Object & interrogative pronouns

Object & interrogative pronouns
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Object & interrogative pronouns

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Let's go over the rules again

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Object pronoun 
(persoonlijke voornaamwoord als voorwerp)

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Object pronoun
She sent me a letter.
She sent you a letter.
She sent him a letter.
She sent her a letter.
She sent it a letter.
She sent us a letter.
She sent you a letter.
She sent them a letter.

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Remember that object pronouns come after the verb.

Denk eraan dat object pronouns na het werkwoord komen.

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Interrogative pronouns
(vragend voornaamwoord)

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Interrogative pronouns
Who ate my cheese?
What is cheese?
Where is the cheese?
When did you buy this cheese?
Why did you eat my cheese?
How did you find the cheese?
Which cheese do you prefer?

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That was all, choose another subject.

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