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Good Morning
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Good Morning

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1. Homework
2. How can you identify a fantasy genre?
3. Dramatis Personae
4. Gowther Mossock
5. The IB-learner Profile

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Which opening passage did you enjoy best?
The Weirdstone
The subtle Knife
The Hobbit
Haroun and the Sea of Stories
A Wrinkle in Time
Un Lun Dun

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Which elements did the openings have in common?

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Activity: Characterisation
Individually, write a brief paragraph about yourself. Include qualities you believe you have, your interests and anything else that would give an insight into who you are. 

Take 15-20 minutes max.

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Finish reading chapter one

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Gowther Mossock

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Dramatis Personae
This is a Latin phrase that literally means 'person(s) of drama' 
(it is a plural noun but can be treated as singular or plural). 
It is a list of the main characters and some of the lesser ones, in a book or play, with information about who they are, to whom they are related, and what they look like.

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Finish reading Chapters 1-5

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ACTIVITY: PEA paragraph

How to write the perfect PEA

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The IB-learner Profile
Consider Susan's or Colin's character. Which of the IB learner profile does your chosen character have.

While reading the novel update your profile with proof from the text.

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