GC1 3. Educational systems around the world- lesson 5

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Goals of this lesson
At the end of this lesson you...
- have an idea about the schools of the future
- work together in groups
- research a topic
- find useful information online

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What do you think schools will look like in 20 years time?

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research questions
Research and answer the following questions about your three countries 
(The Netherlands, your European country, your global country):
  • What  percentage of students  go to university or other higher education?
  • If the children do not go to school, what do they do then?
  • What improvements would you recommend for the education system?
  • Do you think that the way subjects are taught are useful? 
  • Would you ever consider becoming a teacher? Yes , which country would you like to teach in and why? 

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What school system do you like best?

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What have you learned?
(on the next slide, we will discuss the groups presentations)

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Presentations to start: next week 
Thurs: 15 June (3)
Thurs: 22 June (3)
Thurs: 29 June (1) reserve date

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We need to load a few screenshots of the finished powerpoint used for your presentation to Simulise (assignment not open yet)
We also need to complete .....

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Little Victorians 
Write a short reflection and load it up to Simulise.

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Final assignment for Little Victorian's
Create a diary entry in one day in the life of a poor little Victorian child and one day in the life of a rich Victorian child.
Individual: write a short reflection about the Little Victorian workshop.

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Presentation Rubric
There are several rubrics in Simulise 

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