IDU: My identity in a suitcase 1

IDU: My identity in a suitcase
A creative composition can express messages related to personal and cultural identity.
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IDU: My identity in a suitcase
A creative composition can express messages related to personal and cultural identity.

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Purpose of this unit
At the end of this 2 week unit, you will be able to creatively introduce yourself giving personal information in the target language. 

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Summative task
“Your identity in a suitcase”
  • Present yourself...
  • through items and/or artwork from your box/suitcase 
  • in your language (French / Spanish / German) 
  • via a c.a. 2 minutes-video
You do have the opportunity to take part in a Service activity/project connected with Global Citizenship and the school’s focus this year (Diversity) during the Warmste Week in December to showcase the diverse identities present within the school, and also the diverse ways in which identity can be presented. This is optional!

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Inquiry questions
  1. What is identity?
  2. What was your most prized possession that you had lost? 
  3. What is home?
  4. What do people's possessions say about them?
  5. What small thing can tell you a lot about a person?

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Which objects / items do you have in your suitcase (or box)?

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Inquiry questions
  1. How do I introduce myself in the target language?
  2. In which real life situations will I need to talk about myself?
  3. What forms of communication can be used to express different aspects of identity?
  4. How can I express my identity through visual arts?
  5. Do I need a cultural identity?

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What skills and/or language from Unit 1 will you need in this summative task?

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ATL skills

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ATL skills
Interpret and use effectively modes of non-verbal communication
This is where your creative side comes in! How can you express your identity through a composition of objects/art work? 

Create plans to prepare for summative assessments (examinations and performances)
You have a final task and a deadline... how can you make sure that you meet it? We're going to try the backwards planning method!

Understand and use technology systems
How can you present your identity in the target language? You're going to learn how to accurately use an online dictionary to help you achieve this!

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What is backwards planning?

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Backwards planning

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Let's apply this approach to our own 'destination'
  1.  What is your end goal (destination)? How do you know when you've reached it?
  2. What is your starting point?
  3. Identify the steps you need to take to get from your starting point to your destination (you'll need to think about all the things you need in your summative!)
  4. Now look at your calendar and schedule each step from the end goal (so work backwards!). Read it forwards - will you meet the deadline in an efficient and effective way?

Look at the example on the next slide...

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What do you need to learn in order to be able to present an object from your country in Spanish?

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Homework for next class:
Complete your own backwards planning

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Week 1
Day 2

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Key sentences:

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