Speaking 1, module 6.2

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Speaking 1: Drama
Module 3, session 1
This week's objectives:
You will be able to…
  • embody the perspective of another person to view life from her/his point of view; and
  • apply the tools of drama to cultivate empathy and intercultural competence in your students.

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  • Session 1 Review (5)
  • Warm-up (10)
  • Creating a Character (30)
  • Working with Scripts (40)
  • Reflection (10)
  • Yarn Game (10)
  • Feedback on drama activity (10)

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Recap last session
What is Theatre of the Oppressed?
Do you think the activities we did in the last session could help students build empathy and/or think critically? Would you need to make adaptations to make them work with students at your internship?
What other activities could help build empathy and critical thinking? To what extent is this our duty as language teachers?


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There is an introduction to Boal in module 6 on canvas but just briefly remind students who he is, and refer them to the Theatre of the Oppressed document for more information. They will also get more info about him in the TEDTalk

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  • Optimist v Pessimists
  • Look on bright side of things & start with fortunately
  • See the negative side of every situation & start with unfortunately
  • Teacher starts with random statement of something that happened earlier in the day
  • The process continues until one team cannot come up with an appropriate response

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Thoughts? Think of your internship group.
  • What could the language goal have been?
  • What benefits could this activity have for your group?
  • Were there any downsides to the activity?

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Playwriting activity: Creating a character

  • Think of a person who has a different outlook on life than you do due to e.g. religion, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, country of origin, political beliefs. Write a 200-300 word monologue from this person’s perspective in the style of a “This I Believe” monologue.
  • Possible starting sentences:
  • “When I was growing up, I always thought…”
  • “Sometimes I wonder…”
  • “What scares me the most is…”

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Done early? Think about how this activity could be transformed into one for secondary school students and what the focus/lesson would be.


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Divide the class into groups of 4-5. Have one person keep time. Encourage them make gestures and facial expressions as their characters when they are being interviewed.

10min break

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Teams page for scripts.

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Do you think you are now able to use drama activities related to building empathy in secondary/vocational education?

What do you need as a teacher to create a safe environment for these activities?
Evalytics, yay!
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