H4 P4 W4 recap TMC

H4 P4 W4 recap TMC
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H4 P4 W4 recap TMC

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Basic rules
  • We do our work when we should
  • We are silent during explanations and raise our hands for questions
  • Our phone is in our bag on the floor
  • We don't eat, drink or chew gum in class (water bottle is allowed)

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First hour: individual study

Second hour: New Boy

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individual study
Read/recap Emma

Read/recap Thursday Murder Club

Read/recap the short stories

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learning goals
I know the basic plot of the Thursday Murder Club

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The story follows Joyce and her friends as they attempt to solve a series of murders happening at Coopers Chase. Together, the group works with the police and proves their worth by racing to solve the murders before the detectives assigned the case do.

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The novel alternates between a first-person narrative told through the perspective of the protagonist Joyce and her diary entries, and a third-person narrative focusing on all the characters. 

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  • Tony Curran: Hit over the head by Bogdan
  • unmarked skeleton (Peter Mercer): killed by Penny
  • Ian Ventham: poisoned with fentanyl by John
  • Bernard: suicide
  • John & Penny: murder/suicide

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Short summary
Just after a new development is announced at the Coopers Chase retirement village, the lead builder (Tony) is killed and soon after the landowner (Ian) is killed as well. Four retirees (Elizabeth, Ron, Ibrahim and Joyce — the Thursday Murder Club) investigate the murders. Then, when construction begins on the new development, an extra unmarked set of bones dating from the 70s is found at the graveyard on the land. It’s eventually revealed that Tony’s murder was to settle a score associated with an old drug-related killing. Ian’s murder was to derail the new development in order to prevent discovery of the bones. The bones belong to Peter Mercer and was a vigilante killing (by Penny, who is a former police detective and former founding member of the Thursday Murder Club before she got dementia) because Peter had gotten away with murdering his girlfriend.

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