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EngelsMiddelbare schoolvmbo bLeerjaar 4

This lesson contains 19 slides, with interactive quizzes, text slides and 1 video.

time-iconLesson duration is: 30 min

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The test:
- part 1 future
-part 2 talk about a picture
- part 3 conversation
- part 4 statement to discuss

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- information about your life
- questionnaire
- helpful sentences
- clarifying questions

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Geef antwoord in het Engels op de volgende vragen (slides)

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Is there anything
you are really proud of?

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What is your
favourite country and why?

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what do you like to do for fun?

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what is your favourite
netflix show?

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Je kiest een foto uit een boek en hier moet je minimaal 1 minuut over kunnen praten in het Engels.
- beschrijf wie of wat je ziet op de foto.
- waarom je deze foto hebt uitgekozen.
- bereid je voor op eventuele vragen die de docent kan stellen.

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 Personal conversation
- Talk about: name, age, personality, family. 
- Talk about: hobbies, job(s), sports

In de volgende slides wat hulpzinnen die je kunt inzetten om de boodschap over te brengen.

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Je krijgt een stelling van de docent om je mening over te geven. Probeer zo goed mogelijk uit te leggen waarom je iets ergens van vindt. 
Het maakt niet uit of jouw mening logisch is of helemaal niet.

Een foutje maken mag! Dat is niet erg.

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Talk about: name, age

My name is ...
I am 16 years old.
I am from Holten.
My birthday is on the 1st of January. 
I was born on 1 January 2004.

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Talk about: personality 
I am hardworking and responsible. 
You can describe me as a humorous person. 
I don't like people who are very negative.

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Talk about: family
I live together with my parents and my brother.
I have one brother and one sister.
My father is 45 years old and works in construction.
My sister is 13 years old and is still at school.

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Talk about: hobbies

I like to read / play football / draw.
My hobbies are playing handball and horseriding. 
I play football 2 times a week on Wednesday and Friday.
I like watching Netflix because it is very relaxing. 

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Talk about: jobs/sports
I work as a waiter in a restaurant. 
I work two or three days a week. 
My wages are high/low. 
I earn about 5 euros an hour. 
My favourite sports is football because I like teamsports.
I don't like chess because it isn't an active sport.

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Loop je vast in het gesprek?
Gebruik deze zinnen:

Could you repeat that, please?
I don't understand the word....
Could you explain the word ... to me, please?
What do you mean?

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