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Past Tense
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Past Tense

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Past Simple --> Verleden Tijd
You use the past simple when something happened in the past and is finished.

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Past Simple - Signal words

These words help you to see if something happened in the past
  • yesterday
  • last week
  • ten minutes ago
  • in 2007
  • When I was young etc

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I walk -> I walked
He walks -> He walked
They walk -> They walked

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Past Simple - Questions/negations
Did + entire verb:
Did you walk to school yesterday?

Didn't + entire verb:
You didn't walked walk to school yesterday.

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Past Simple - Regular verbs

Als een werkwoord eindigt op een medeklinker + -y, dan verandert de -y in -ie:

  • I carry - I carried

Let op, er verandert niets als het werkwoord eindigt op klinker + -y:

  • I play - I played

Als een werkwoord eindigt op -e, dan komt er in de past simple alleen een -d achter:

  • I live - I lived

In de past simple wordt de laatste medeklinker verdubbeld als er één klinker voor staat:

  • I drop - I dropped

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Past Simple - Irregular verbs
Some verbs in English are irregular, this means that in the past tense they don't get '-ed' at the end, but have their own form:

To write -> wrote; I wrote her a letter last week
to go -> went; He went to Italy last year
to make -> made: They made a very nice meal two days ago

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Past Simple - Irregular verbs

There are no rules for the irregular verbs, you just have to learn them by heart

You can find the list in your workbook

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You use a past simple when...
Something happend in the future
something happens every day
something happend in the past and is finished
something didn't happen yet.

Slide 9 - Quiz

What is the past tense of: Work

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What is the past tense of: Help

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Put the sentence in the past tense:
I play on the PS5 for hours.

Slide 12 - Open question

Put this sentence in the past tense:
I hop on the train, just in time!

Slide 13 - Open question

Make this sentence into a negative:
I liked the movie.

Slide 14 - Open question

Translate this sentence into English:
Zij sliepen niet.

Slide 15 - Open question

Turn this sentence into a question:
I talked to my friends on Monday.

Slide 16 - Open question

Past Continuous
In combinatie met de Past Simple

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Past Continous en Past Simple

Past Continuous = al aan de gang ( lang)
Past Simple = iets gebeurde (kort)

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Past Simple = ww + ed
- verleden tijd
- plaatsgevonden en afgelopen
- Signaalwoorden: last week, in 2012

+ They cleaned the house last week
- They didn't clean the house last week
? Did they clean the house last week?

Let op! Onregelmatige ww = 2e rijtje
+ He wrote a letter to her yesterday
- He didn't write a letter to her yesterday
? Did he write a letter to her yesterday?

Past Continuous = was/were + ww + ing
- verleden tijd
- was in het verleden aan de gang
- in NL: 'ik was aan het ....' 

+ was/were + ww + ing
    They were cleaning the house when I came          home
- was/were + not + ww + ing
    They weren't cleaning the house 
?  was/were + onderwerp + ww + ing
     Were they cleaning the house ?

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Fill in the past continuous: We ................... a good movie when the phone rang.
have watched
were watching
are watching

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Past continuous vs. past simple
Je gebruikt de past continuous i.c.m. de past simple om aan te geven dat er iets gebeurde (korte actie = past simple) terwijl er al iets aan de gang was (lange actie = past continuous).

 I was reading a book when the phone rang
I was washing my car when the accident happened

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Past Simple & Past Continuous
I _______________ (wait) for the bus when it _______________ (start) to rain. 

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Past Simple & Past Continuous
I WAS WAITING (wait) for the bus when it STARTED (start) to rain. 

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Past Continuous & Past Continuous
While we ______________________ (walk) the dog, the neighbours _______________ (wash) their car. 

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Past Continuous & Past Continuous
While we WERE WALKING (walk) the dog, the neighbours WERE WASHING (wash) their car. 

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I understand the difference between the Present Simple & Present Continuous ....
quite well, need to study a bit more
not really, I need to study a lot
not at all! Can you help me?

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On your own
Download the hand out and start working on it.
15 minutes , cameras on.
Done? Exercise 2.3 and 2.8 in your workbook.

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2.7 --> 10 minutes to practise in the sub channels.
Some of you will be randomly picked to do this exercise out loud.

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Do: Hand out + 2.3 and 2.8
Study: Hazard - Overprotective
1C --> Unit 1 + Reading in the test week. Next week will be your last chance to ask questions! Prepare them.

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