The Country Project

Country Project: Day One
I-pads in bags for now, please. 
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Country Project: Day One
I-pads in bags for now, please. 

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What do I need to do?
  • In groups of three or MAXIMUM four (this is not up for discussion, so don't ask!) you will select a country where they have the English language as the OFFICIAL LANGUAGE.
  • How  to select your group members!
  • You will need to work together at a group members house on Thursday afternoon, so make sure that you are in a group with people who you live relatively near to.

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The End Goal
You will find out as much information as you can about your country and then give a presentation to the class about it.
This is a mandatory (verplichte) EIO Assignment and will be graded as Voldoende/Onvoldoende

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How to select your country
Write down the names of countries where English is spoken or learnt?
1 country per "post-it".

Use an online dictionary (on your phone to look up the name in English 


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Now place the post-its on the poster in front of you as follows:
1) The inner circle - Native language
2)The outer circle -  where English is not spoken natively but is an important language for communication (e.g. as an official 'second' language or as the nation's official language for business and commerce) largely due to historical reasons. 
3)The expanding circle  - countries that do not hold historical or governmental importance towards English

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Group moves to another table
100 points for 1st group that finished. 98 for 2nd group
96 for 3rd group /94=4th/92=5th/ 90=6th/88= 7th/ 86=8th
2 minus points for each country not written in correct English
5 minus points for country in the wrong circle!

Give the correct number of points to the teacher

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Braj Kachru's Three Circles of English.
English is the native mother-tongue of only Britain, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and a handful of Caribbean countries. But in 57 countries (including Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Philippines, Fiji, Vanuatu, etc), English is either as its “official language” or a majority of its inhabitants speak it as a first language. These are largely ex-colonial countries which have thoroughly integrated English into its chief institutions. 

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You may use something like this to help with your presentation

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Creative people may like to try this

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or you can use a....
  • Powerpoint
  • filmclip that you have made yourself (sort of short documentary- but you still need to speak plenty of English in the presentaion)
  • Any other idea, as long as you have checked with your teacher first and that it can eventually be loaded up to Google Classroom.

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Here are your booklets,
  • One per group, must be neat and tidy, it is for your EIO folder. 
  • All questions must be completed by the end of today.
How to get to work.....
Choose a country - CHECK THAT IT IS AN ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY (native or official language)
Fill in the booklet as neatly as possible, make sure all the questions are completed by the end of today. 


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Day One
Your group must complete your booklet as far as PAGE 17 : One person can be responsible for writing in the answers. RETURN TO CLASS BETWEEN 12.30 AND 14.10 TO HAVE THE WORK CHECKED
Day Two - Later start 9.20
9:20 = Practice your presentation for tomorrow. 
10.25 = Today's topic is food
Complete your booklet up to and including PAGE 22.

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Agenda - Day two of the Country Project
  1. Plan and practice your presentation                                               9.20 - 10.10
  2. Break                                                                                                              10.10 - 10.25
  3. Food, Fruits and Vegetables (complete booklet from page 17 t/m top of page 20)                                                                                                       10.25 -  11.15
  4. Page 20 t/m 22 - Recipe, shopping list and arrangements for baking.   11.15 - 11.50                                                                                      
  5. Load your completed booklet up to Google Classroom         11.50 -12.05
  6. Baking at home                                               The afternoon

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  1. Research
  2. Practice
  3. Make eye contact
  4. Powerpoint and video.
  5. Speak up
Remember: 10 minutes presentation time + 5 minutes eating!


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10.25 - 12.05
  1. Complete your Country Project Booklet
  2. Choose a recipe to make this afternoon, remember to consider: Will it be tasty eaten cold? Are all the ingredients readily available (Alligator burgers), is it easy to transport?
  3. Each group member needs to take screenshots of the Country Project Booklet and load the pages up to their own Google Classroom Folder. Leave the booklet with the teacher.

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Today, each group will present their country using the information learnt throughout the project. 
  • You can choose your own way to make a presentation. PowerPoint, prezi, film or a poster. 
  • It must contain interesting information that maybe, you did not know before. 

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Slide 22 - Video

  • Needs to be 10 minutes
  • Each member of the group needs to speak
  • After the presentation, you have 5 minutes to share your baked goodies. 
  • While watching the presentations, you must fill in at least three things that you have learnt from the presentation using the form you have been given. 

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Don't forget to hand in your feedback form before you leave.

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