Types of interfaces

Types of Operating System Interfaces
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Types of Operating System Interfaces

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Describe the advantages and disadvantages of:
Command Line Interface
Graphical User Interface
Natural Language Interface
Gesture Recognition Interface

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Operating System

A set of programs that manage the computer resources and provide common services for users and applications. The Operating System acts as an Interface between the hardware and software.

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Operating System
Responsibilities of the Operating System:
  1. Hiding complexities of hardware from User
  2. Manage resources 
  3. Handling of interrupts
  4. Controlling I/O operations 

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The Computer/Human Interface
The interaction between the computer and the user. It refers to how users interact with a computer/machine.
There are several different ways a user can interact with a computer.

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Types of Human interfaces
Graphical User Interface
  1. Command Line Interface 
  2. Natural Language Interface
  3. Gesture Recognition Interface 

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