Reading and Use of English - Part 4

Reading and Use of English
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Reading and Use of English

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Today's Lesson

The focus will be on:

Reading and Use of English
Part 4

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Reading and Use of English Part 5
In Reading & Use of English Part 4 you have to show that you can paraphrase (say something in other words), use synonyms and transform grammatical structures. 
Always remember that the two sentences have to be as similar as possible in meaning and that you must use between 2-5 words including the key word.

Lets see what Part 4 looks like: 

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Part 4: tips
Tip 1 - Remember: the gap should be filled with five words or fewer. Contractions count as two words, not one.
Tip 2 - Make absolutely sure that the two sentences mean the same thing. For example, if the sentence to transform has names in it, the answer will have to have them too.
Tip 3 - Remember that the word given (e.g. short in the example) must be included in the answer, and cannot be altered in any way (i.e. can not be changed to 'shorter' or 'shortness').

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More tips
Tip 5- Because of the scoring system, it's possible to get 50% in this section without getting any of the questions 100% correct. So it's worth answering every question! Even incomplete answers can get points.

Tip 6 - This part of the Use of English paper is worth 16 points, against between 10 and 12 points for the others. It is therefore worth spending a little more time on.

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Practise time

We will do a few sentences together.

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More practise time

Now do Part 4 using the tips you just learned.

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How did you "tackle" Part 4?
Step by Step

Slide 8 - Open question

How did it go?
What could go better?

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Well done, you have finished today's lesson!

See you next week :-) 

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