Who was she?

Do you know who this is?
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Who was she?

Do you know who this is?

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Elizabeth Windsor
Did you know she was not supposed to become a princess or a queen?

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King Edward VIII
He was the King, but chose to give that up to marry an American woman named Wallis Simpson.

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King George VI
Her father was the younger brother of the former King; Edward VIII.

Like Prince Harry is the younger brother of Prince William

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World War  II
During World War II the Princess joined the war effort and even became a car mechanic!

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Becoming Queen
When her father died she became Queen Elizabeth II.

This was at her coronation on 
2 June 1953 .

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Elizabeth II
She was 96 years old when she died last Thursday 
September 8th 2022

She kept her promise to serve until her death

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British Commonwealth of Nations

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Who is the new King of the United Kingdom and the British commonwealth of nations?
Prince William
Prince Harry
Prince Charles
Prince Edward

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King Charles III
That's right !
The new King is 
King Charles III.

He is 73 years old!
His heir is Prince William.

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Would you like to be a King or a Queen?

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The Queen was a Bond girl...
This was at the Olympics in London 2012.

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Assignment (opdracht)
Imagine you became a King or a Queen. You would also have to give a speech.
  • Write down your speech in English.
  • Use at least 10 lines. 
  • Use full sentences
  • Write a formal speech (een formele speech)
  • Hand it in at the end of this lesson (lever het in)

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