What are idioms?
Give it your best shot?
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What are idioms?
Give it your best shot?

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"uitdrukkingen / gezegdes"
"an Idiom is an common expression used informally that cannot be understood by the literal meaning of its words, but only by common knowledge of what the expression means."

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cost an ... and a ...
missed the ...
kill two ... with one ...
give it a ...
birds, stone
arm, leg

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"Don't look a gift horse 
in the mouth."

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"Een gegeven paard niet in de bek kijken."

"Wees niet te kritisch bij iets wat je cadeau hebt gekregen."

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Don't take them literally!

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Are you ready to play?
You can earn 2 points for every good idiom
You get only 1 point if you use the clue

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