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Which exercises should I dicuss on the board?
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Which exercises should I dicuss on the board?

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Overview CH12

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Combining like terms
You can only add or subtract like terms. Terms are called like terms if they have the same variable as a base and the same exponent.

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Multiplying factors
When multiplying factors you multiply the numbers by each other and you multiply the variables by each other.
If you multiply powers with the same variable as a base, you can add the exponents.

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Writing formulas shorter
1) First work out all products (multiplication)
2) Then combine the like terms (addition and subtraction)
3) Write terms as 1a or -1a shorter as a or -a

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Solve equations using cards
1) Simplify the equation if needed
2) Solve the equation using cards, write down the steps!
-4a + 7 - 6a = 42
-10a + 7 = 42               (simplify the equation)
-10a = 35                      (use cards method)
a = -3.5                          (solution)

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Powers and negative numbers

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The axes divide the coordinate
system into 4 quadrants.
The axes themselves are NOT
part of the quadrants.

The quadrants are numbered
first quadrant
second quadrant
third quadrant
fourth quadrant

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Making linear formulas
How to make a linear formula from a graph.
1) Make a table, horizontal axis = top row, vertical axis = bottom row, fill in easy to read off points on the graph.
2) Find the start value (value on bottom row when top row = 0)
3) Calculate the gradient (increase in bottom row when the top row increases by 1)
4) Make a formula:
vertical variable = start value + gradient x horizontal variable

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Start value = 4
Gradient = 0.8

height = 4 + 0.8 x distance
h = 4 + 0.8d

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Making linear formulas
How to make a linear formula from a story

1) Find the start value
2) Find the gradient
4) Make a formula:
variable you calculate = start value + gradient x variable used for calculation

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Nimah is studying her French vocabulary. She has already memorised 100 words. It takes her an half an hour to memorise 20 more words. Make a formula to calculate how many words (w) Nimah knows after studying for a given number of hours (t).

Start value = 100
Gradient = 40 (20 per half hour so 40 per hour)
Formula:            w = 100 + 40t

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Plotting a parabola
The graph of a quadratic formula is called a parabola.
If you want to plot a parabola, make a table first!

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Plotting a parabola

                                           Use brackets
                                                when filling in
                                              negative numbers!

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Plotting a parabola

Parabolas have reflection symmetry.

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Find out if a point lies on a graph
1) Fill in the first coordinate in the formula
2) Calculate the result
3) Compare to given second coordinate

Does (-2, 3) lie on the graph of a = -3b + 12?
a = -3 x -2 + 12 = 18
No, (-2, 3) does not lie on the graph.

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HW Tuesday
Make and correct:
Practice Test CH12 from your workbook

(No school on Monday, 4test CH12 on Friday)

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Which theory should I explain again?

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