Recap + adjectives vs adverbs

Lesson structure
Recap: first aid kid
adjectives vs adverbs
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Lesson structure
Recap: first aid kid
adjectives vs adverbs

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Learning goal
at the end of this class students will know the difference between adjectives and adverbs 

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But first..
What is a first aid kit? 
What is a cardiopulmonary resuscitation 

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Adjectives versus Adverbs
what is an adjective?
what is an adverb?

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Adjectives (bijvoeglijk naamwoorden)
An adjective adds something to a noun (zelfstandig naamwoord) or in other words:
An adjectve says something about noun (de, het, een woorden)

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Peter has a fast car.

Sanne has an old phone

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We are in a large classroom
The cake smells delicious.
Next time I hope for a nice flight

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Adverbs (bijwoorden)
Adverbs say something about:
Verbs. For example:
He bravely entered the burning house.
She greeted us politely.

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‘bravely’ says something about entered
 ‘politely’ says something about ‘greeted’

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Adverbs say something about
An adjective
It is extremely warm today.
His car is very fast.

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Adverbs also say something about other ADVERBS
He played surprisingly well.
 ‘well’ is an adverb and so is ‘surprisingly’
 surprisingly says something about well
 ‘surprisingly well’ combined say something about the verb played

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Adverbs tell us something about
An entire sentence, for example:
Fortunately, he could sell the printers

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To sum up..
Adjectives say something about the nouns (znw)
Adverbs say something about
- verbs
- adjectives 
- adverbs
- whole sentences

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Spelling of adverbs
Adverbs are formed by adding –ly to an adjective. Bijwoorden worden meestal gevormd door de
uitgang –ly
Brave   Bravely
Bad   Badly
Beautiful Beautifully

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Let's play a little game 

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