FCE - Use of English Part 2

Part 2 Use of English (film)
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Part 2 Use of English (film)

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Part 2 Use of English
FCE Use of English Part 2 “Open cloze” consists of a short text with eight gaps. Unlike Part 1, there are no choices for the word that you need. You must use your knowledge to fill the gap with the correct word. This is a tricky part of the FCE exam

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In pairs, interview your partner
  • When did you last watch a film at the cinema?
  • What genre of film do you watch most often?
  • Did you have a favourite film when you were younger?
  • How often do you watch films at home?
  • Can you remember the famous film quotes?

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Read the extract quickly, do you know which film it is from?

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Now read the text again,
Write the correct answer in your notebook
  • For questions 1-8 think of the word that best fits each gap. 
  • Use only one word in each gap.
  • There is an example at the beginning. 
  • Now check your answers........

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Example: (0) Who is a relative pronoun, used as part of a relative clause. 
Examine the text again, what type of words were used in the answers? How were you able to identify the correct answers?

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Use your device to look up some of these very famous film 
quotes, and fill in the gaps. 

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The answer will always be a single word.
Contractions (e.g. don’t, we’ve, won’t) count as two words. However, can’t is a contraction of cannot, which is one word.
Sometimes, there is more than one correct answer. Cambridge will always account for this and all options will be accepted. However, you should not write more than one answer.
Correct spelling is essential for all of the FCE Use of English paper.
Read the text before and after each gap before answering.
If the answer is a verb, check that you are using the correct form and that it agrees with its subject.
The same word is unlikely to be used to fill two different gaps within one text.
Always read the text quickly before you start to get a general idea. This should not take more than 1 minute.
Don’t spend lots of time on a word you don’t know. Losing time on this activity might cost you points later in the exam because you won’t have enough time to do other tasks well.
Check your answers, your spelling and don’t copy the example onto the answer sheet!

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Lesson adapted for LessonUp by Susan Corrigan.

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