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Class rules
* Be present in a positive way.
* Be silent when the teacher asks you to be. 
* Ask for help if you need it.
* Try to speak English.
* Mistakes help you learn, so mistakes are great!
* Always bring a charged iPad, earbuds and a pen to this class. 
Thanks for being here!

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The topic of this class: HEROES & VILLAINS
Part 1: orientation
Part 2: styling heroes and villains
Part 3: the anti-hero
Part 4: 

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Part 1
Heroes and villains can be found in books, comics, movies, TV shows, songs and stories.

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Name a fictional HERO:

Slide 5 - Mind map

Name a fictional VILLAIN:

Slide 6 - Mind map

Who is your favourite hero or villain?

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Part 2

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Movie clip 1
Watch the fight and pay special attention to the villain.

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How do you know The Creepy Thin Man is the villain in this scene?
Name as many details as you can.

Slide 11 - Open question

(Throwback question to last week's class about music in movies): The music in the fight scene is "Smack My Bitch Up".
Does this song fit the scene and why / why not?

Slide 12 - Open question

Movie clip 2
Pay special attention to the hero with one eye (Thor, the God of Thunder). 

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Slide 14 - Video

How do we know Thor is a hero?
Name as many details as you can.

Slide 15 - Open question

In this scene, you also see the villain of the movie: Thor's sister Hela. How can we tell Hela is evil?

Slide 16 - Open question

Now match
... the characteristics of heroes and villains.

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How heroes feel about themselves:
How villains feel about themselves:
How heroes feel about others:
How villains feel about others:
How heroes deal with trouble:
How villains deal with trouble:
What villains look like:
What heroes look like:
do good for other people / the world.
Only think of themselves.
Smile / laugh in the face of trouble.
Take trouble seriously.
Are often thin and dressed in black.
Are often muscular and wearing colours.
Are humble about their abilities.
Like to brag and show off.

Slide 18 - Drag question

Part 3: the anti-hero
There are heroes, there are villains and then there's...

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It's not a hero, it's not a villain, it's an anti-hero! What do you think an anti-hero is?

Slide 20 - Open question

Movie clip 3
The most famous anti-hero in movie history!

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Slide 22 - Video

Jack Sparrow is neither a hero nor a villain.
Why do you think people like him so much?

Slide 23 - Open question

An anti-hero is often funny.
How funny do you think Jack Sparrow is?

Slide 24 - Poll

An anti-hero often does the right thing for the wrong reasons. Does this apply to Jack Sparrow?
I am not sure.

Slide 25 - Poll

An anti-hero is often charming, making it impossible to hate him even when he does bad things.
Does this apply to Jack Sparrow?
I'm not sure.

Slide 26 - Poll

Now that you have had examples of all three, what kind of character do you like best?
I like heroes best.
I like villains best.
I like anti-heroes best.
It all depends on how cool they are.
I don't really have a preference.

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Part 4
What are YOU? Hero, villain or anti-hero? 
Take the quiz!
But first, let's look at some difficult words.

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Match the words + meanings
Your teacher will give you a worksheet with words and phrases from the quiz. Match the words and their meanings. 

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Now do the quiz!
Find out what you are.

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Slide 31 - Link

What was the outcome of the quiz?
I'm a hero.
I'm a villain.
I'm an anti-hero.

Slide 32 - Poll

This class was about heroes, villains and anti-heroes. Tell me what you liked about it and what you didn't like.

Slide 33 - Open question

Part 3
Gimkit Spiderman 
Practise for the next big test :-).

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