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It's December!!!!

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- 20 minutes reading (Holes / The Giver)

1. start chapter 4 health and care

2. health quiz

3. Do in Learnbeat: Listening A

4. Do in Learnbeat : Listening C

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Dear pupil,
You are about to start theme 4 : 'Health and care'.

How are you going to practise?
You are going to practise your English writing, reading, listening and speaking skills.

What are you going to do?
You are going to read, listen, speak and write about 'Health and care'.

Have fun!

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At the end of this theme:

you will have listened to people talking about health and care;
you will have read texts about health and care;
you will have spoken about health and care;
you will have written about health and care;
you will have learnt vocabulary about health and care;
you will have learnt about pronouns;
you will have learnt about complex and compound sentences

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Health Quiz!
Do you score mostly A's, B's or C's?

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1. How often do you get a good
8 hours' sleep?
A. Every night - and I prefer nine or ten hours
B. Not often - I don't need much sleep
C. I sometimes find it hard to get to sleep
D. What is this thing called 'sleep' and how do I get it?

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3. What do you usually have for
A. A large meal
B. Salad or sandwiches
C. Nothing
D. Whatever is on sale at Jumbo's

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2. How often do you do any
a. Once a week
B. Every day
C. Hardly ever
D. Does moving from bed to desk count?

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6. You have a headache.
Do you...
A. go straight to the doctor's?
B. take an aspirin?
C. hope it will go away?
D. take full advantage and stay home from school?

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8. Which is true for you?
A. I've given up smoking
B. I've never smoked
C. I smoke about five cigarettes or more a day
D. Smoked ham, smoked salmon... Now I'm hungry

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4. When did you last have
a cold?
A. I usually have 1 or 2 a year
B. I can't remember
C. I get them all the time
D. I did have Covid, does that count?

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9. Which is true for you?
A. I think I'm fit and healthy
B. I think illness is all in the mind
C. I sometimes worry about my health
D. I'm really a beached whale.

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7. Do you think it's necessary
to add salt to your food?
A. Sometimes
B. Never
C. Always
D. It'd drink the sea if I could.

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5. How many cups of tea or
coffee do you drink a day?
A. No more than three
B. I don't drink anything with caffeine in it.
C. Between 4 and 14.
D. I have exchanged my blood with coffee

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How did you score?
As. Quite healthy over here
Bs. I'm in peak condition!
Cs. I guess I'm having a bad lifestyle?
Ds. Wait, those don't even count!

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1. Study literaire termen 5 minutes
2. Read or work on your mind map

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characters                                  time                                                place                                                           

               author                 Holes / The Giver                                     genre

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Characters: personen ( hoofdpersonen + andere personen) Wat  
                       is hun relatie tot elkaar ?     
Time: In wat voor tijd speelt het verhaal zich af.
setting: omgeving. ( bijvoorbeeld in de zomer)
place: plaats. Waar ?
genre: bijvoorbeeld autobiografie, detective, science fiction. 
plot: waar het verhaal om draait. Korte samenvatting.
title: titel. waarom is dit een goede titel ?
Author: Auteur / schrijver

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                     Study first 5 literaire termen on your sheet

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What are allergens? Give a few examples.

Slide 25 - Open question

What is an allergy? Can you mention any symptoms?

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Explain these terms:
1. anaphylaxis
2. desensitisation

Slide 27 - Open question

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What is the cause of this huge rise of peanut allergies? Do you know anybody with this allergy?

Slide 29 - Open question

Explain the hygiene hypothesis (lines 45 to 60)

Slide 30 - Open question

What is the difference between an allergy and intolerance? 

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How have recent changes to our environment influenced the rise of allergies? (lines 33 - 43)

Slide 32 - Open question

Personal pronouns

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Personal Pronouns

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personal pronouns onderwerp

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Subject pronouns
am shy
are my brother
he, she, it
lives in London
are on holiday
are my best friends
are happy

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Where are my glasses?
You are wearing ...

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Object pronouns
Everyone likes 
This present is for
Do you like
him, her
you can try
Can you help
You must help
Verderop in de zin!

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personal pronouns (subject)             I/ you/ he/ she/ it/ we/ they
personal pronouns (object)         me/ you/ him/ her / it/ us/ them

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Maak de zin af:
Show your hands so I can see ...

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Let's have a look at this video

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