Murder Mystery - Mayor

Someone's been brutally murdered (again)!
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Someone's been brutally murdered (again)!

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What happened?
Last night, the mayor of Wolverhampton was killed in his own office. A member of staff found him and called the police immediately. No one found any suspicious items at the crime scene, but, strangely enough, a painting was stolen. There are currently 5 suspects at the police station who could have committed the murder and it's up to you to figure out who did it!

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Useful vocabulary
to fire
life insurance
ex-business partner

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Useful vocabulary
suspect – someone who is under investigation because they may have committed a crime.
alibi – a reason for being somewhere else during, for example, a crime.
mayor – the head/leader of a city.
to fire – to remove someone from their job.
life insurance – money that becomes available for a family member after someone passes away.
jealous – a feeling of rivalry, competition or hostility towards someone else.
ex-business partner – a person who used to do business (work) with someone else.

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The 5 suspects:
Please sit outside the classroom to study your roles. I sent them to your email.

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In your group, think of at least 4 questions that you can ask the suspects. This is what they need to be about (you can create more if you want to):
1. name
2. job
3. relationship with the mayor
4. alibi and/or last contact (where they were during the murder)


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You've got mail!
I sent all of you a document where you can write down important information. Only write down keywords/short sentences (everyone needs to do this). 

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- Raise your hand if you want to ask a question.
- No talking when questions are asked / answers are given.
- Don't discuss with your group (you can do that afterwards).
- Listen carefully!

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Discuss with your group:
Who do you think the murderer is?
Why do you think that?

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So... who did it?

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The murderer is...
Freya! She was very angry about not being invited to go on holiday with the mayor and her friends. Last night, she angrily went to his office to ask him why he didn't invite her. When she asked him, he coldly said that he did not really like being friends with her anymore and that he'd found other friends. In a jealous rage, she grabbed the letter opener (small knife) and killed him on the spot. She grabbed the painting made by Frederique and ran home as quickly as she could.

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How do you think you did?
How did this go for you?
Give a score of 1 - 5 fingers (1 = not good / 5 = very good).

1. Asking questions / answering questions
2. Teamwork

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