Introduction to Literature (V3)

Introduction to Literature (V3)
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Introduction to Literature (V3)

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Introduction to Literature
- point of view, themes, characters

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What are the different points of view
that a story can have?

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What is a "theme" in literature?

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What is theme in literature?
In literature, theme refers to the overarching idea, message, or lesson uncovered by reading a story. Authors don’t explicitly state the theme in their writing. Instead they use other literary elements, such as plot, characters, setting, conflict, and literary devices, to explore a theme that gives their story a deeper meaning. Themes in literature are universal, so they not only relate to the characters and events in the story, but readers can also apply these ideas to their own lives.

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Themes in literature
Message of the author

More than just a subject-

'Loyalty is what keeps
friendships intact'

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What do we call the main character of a story?

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What is an antagonist?

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Book Trailer
Go through the Book Trailer Assignment together (Spelo/Som)
What is the theme of your book?

Think about the characters and some of their traits.

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