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EnglishSpecial Education

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Translate the following sentences. 

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Dél óta kosárlabdázok.

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Egész délután kosárlabdáztam.

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Hazajöttem, de előtte kosárlabdáztam.

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Minden péntek este kosárlabdázom Elekkel.

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Olyan jól kosárlabdázom, mint Michael Jordan.

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Ha nem kosárlabdáztam volna, nem lennék fáradt.

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Watch the following episode of Friends and answer the questions!

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  1. Why was the mattress king sad and going to slash the prices?
  2. How did Rachel’s father refer to Ross?
  3. What did Joey teach?
  4. How did Monica decide? Did she buy a mattress from Janice’s ex-husband?
  5. What was the most important thing in acting according to Joey?
  6. How did Phoebe sign instead of Monica?
  7. Where did Rachel’s father think Ross worked at?
  8. Why couldn’t Ross eat lobster?
  9. How many percent was the tip that Rachel’s father gave?
  10. What did Joey do when he had to act like someone had got bad news?
  11. What did Monica suggest Phoebe against Chandler not to notice the wrong bed?
  12. What did Joey suggest to his student according to the audition?
  13. What was the name of Rachel’s chiropractor?
  14. Why was Chandler playing with Monica’s new bed?

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The spinner will choose who is the student that asks something from one of the others.

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