Deconstructing and Reconstructing a text

Deconstructing and Reconstructing an Informative Text
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Deconstructing and Reconstructing an Informative Text

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Body Paragraph 1
Body Paragraph 2
Body Paragraph 3

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Reviewing the Structure of an Informative Text

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What's in an Informative Text?
Introduction                           Body Paragraph                  Conclusion
Body Paragraphs
The first sentence of paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that summarises the primary idea or subject of the paragraph. The next sentence should support the topic sentences by will providing more detail on the topic sentence or main idea. Then add another sentence that proved an example or evidence regarding the main idea.

In the introduction, the reader must be introduced to the subject being covered in the text. It needs to also describe what the reader will learning while reading the text's body paragraphs. Introductions also include a 'hook' that could be an intriguing fact or statistic, a personal story, or a question.
The conlusion is what wraps up the whole text. It should summarise the information report as well as focus on what the reader has learned in the text.

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- The overview of the text
- Brief outlines of the subtopics that will be explored in the text
- A ‘hook’ (an interesting facts or statistic)
Body Paragraphs
- The topic sentence of each body paragraph
- information about one feature of the topic.
- Supporting details and examples that adds more to the topic
- Technical/subject specific languages that are new or unfamiliar
- Summary sentence
- An information that a reader has learned in the text

Highlighting and Labeling parts of the Text

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Body Paragraph 1
Body Paragraph 2 
Body Paragraph 3
Activity: Cut out the information report into parts then glue it back in order 

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Joint Construction/Shared Writing

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Threats to the Great Barrier Reef

Slide 9 - Mind map

Paragraph Structure
Introducing the main idea in the paragraph.
Adds more details about the main idea/topic of the paragraph 
Provide an example that supports the idea 

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