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This one is quite difficult! What do you think it is?
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This one is quite difficult! What do you think it is?

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It's a butterfly. Well done if you guessed correctly.

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Wednesday 13 December 2023
  • Writing an informal email: 
  • Goals: to be able to write an email using questions and answering them
  • 10 mins Finish your email 

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10 minutes working quietly
Finish writing your email

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What tone should an  informal email have? 
  • It should be friendly and chatty. 
  • You should use shortened forms (I'm .... He's ..... They're......I've..... )

More tips on following slides

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Tips: Exercise e
  • Don't provide any information that has not been requested.
  • Informal tone, informal conventions such as Hi, Hello, (not Hoi) - Dear is also acceptable for an informal letter or email. 
  • Finish off with - Love, From, Your friend ..... ( Kind regards/Best regards - is a bit semi-formal)
  • Always thank them for writing and ask them to write back to you soon. 

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Email plan: Write recommending (or not!) a friend of yours,
Dear ...... / Hi (......)/ Hello (.....)
P2 ......
P3 ..........
P4. Your recommendation

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Dear Angela ,
INTRODUCTION- It was great to receive your email. 
FIRST PARAGRAPH- I am...... I have  recently started working at .......,  I live with .......(family
SECOND PARAGRAPH- *I am rather  .... I can be a bit  .... 
THIRD PARAGRAPH - If I had had more time, I would like to ..... My hobbies are .... I spend my free time ..............
CLOSING SENTENCE -  Your recommendation.
All the best, (or Bye)

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Please write the email 
Hopefully we will have time to check each other's email

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