Unit 1: Past Perfect Simple

Past Perfect Simple
Past perfect simple
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Past Perfect Simple
Past perfect simple

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The dog ____________________ outside since yesterday before we rescued him.
Not used

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'before' is used to...
Refer to the whole period
Refer to a specific point in the past
Refer to the starting point

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I _________(to meet) him before he became famous.

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She __________(to live) here for three years before I met her.

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The plane_________(to leave) by the time I got to the airport

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He____________(negative – to drive) a car before that accident.

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Make a sentence with the new tense yourself

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Form of the past perfect simple

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Past participle?
  • NL= voltooid deelwoord
  • Regular verbs: past participle is formed like the past simple --> general rule: infinitive + ed
  • Irregular verbs: see GS p. 28-30

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Use of the past perfect simple

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Difference past simple and past perfect simple?

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