Adverbs of frequency

Adverbs of Frequency
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Adverbs of Frequency

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Adverbs of Frequency
You are going to watch a video first.

After the video you find some rules on how to use of the Adverbs of Frequency (Bijwoorden van frequentie).
You can take notes if you like.

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Adverbs of frequency
Welke bijwoorden van tijd zijn er?
always                                       occasionally
usually                                       seldom
normally / generally            hardly ever / rarely
often / frequently                 never

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Adverbs of frequency

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Waar moet je ze zetten?
Bijwoorden van tijd komen op de volgende plekken:
In een zin met:
één werkwoord: voor het werkwoord
- I often go to school by bike.
- Daisy never walks to the store.

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to be
In een zin met een vorm van to be, komt het bijwoord altijd na de vorm van to be:
He is never going to school by bike.
Anne and Peter are often late.
I am usually here by 8 o'clock.

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meerdere werkwoorden
In een zin met twee werkwoorden:
Na het eerste werkwoord:
Barbara has never seen an elephant.
They will always go to the zoo.

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Let's practise
On the next slides you find some exercises to practise with the Adverbs of Frequency. 
Read the sentences carefully
Re-type the sentences carefully
Mind your final stops, exclamation marks and question marks.
Oh and a capital letter at the beginning of the sentences. 

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He listens to the radio. (often)

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They read a book. (sometimes)

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Tom is very friendly. (usually)

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Ramon and Frank are hungry. (often)

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Christine smokes. (never)

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