3.1 Nazi Germany prepares for war (TTO-3)

3.1: Nazi Germany prepares for war
3.1: Nazi Germany prepares for war
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3.1: Nazi Germany prepares for war
3.1: Nazi Germany prepares for war

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The student can explain four out of 5 causes of WWII
  • Treaty of Versailles
  • Economic crises (1923 and 1929)
  • The dictatorship of Hitler (nationalism→ Heims in Reich, Lebensraum)
  • Appeasement politics

The student can give examples of how Hitler broke the treaty of Versailles 

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Basic information about WWII

1st of September 1939: Hitler invades Poland and as a result, Britain and France declare war on Germany → This could count as the beginning of WWII in Europe.

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The war was between the allies and central powers. Move the countries to the correct alliance.  
The allies
The Central Powers
Great Britain
The United States

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A few causes of WWII

  1. Treaty of Versailles
  2. Economic crises (1923 and 1929)
  3. Dictatorship of Hitler (nationalism→ Heims in Reich, Lebensraum)
  4. Appeasement politics
  5. Japanese expansion

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Why was the Treaty of Versailles a cause for WWII?

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The Treaty of Versailles
Why was it a cause?
  • The treaty was too humiliating for most Germans
  • The treaty was too harsh (ex; not being able to pay all the reparations and restoring the economy at the same time)
  • The treaty became part of the stab-in-the-back-myth → The government of the Weimar Republic was blamed for all the new problems since they had accepted the treaty. They had betrayed the German soldiers and German people→ This made way for extreme political parties like the Nazi Party.

Stab-in-the-back-myth source

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Why was the economic depression after 1929 a cause for WWII?

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Economic crises
  • hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic.
  • Led to Hitler trying to stage a coup in Munich (which failed).
  • After his imprisonment, he decided to use the democratic system to overthrow the government.
The great depression (1929-1930’s)
  • led to massive unemployment/ homelessness.
  • The Weimar republic was hit very hard because they couldn’t rely on the Dawes Plan anymore.
  • It gave way for anti-democratic parties like the Nazi Party that promised that they would solve everything.

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Dictatorship of Adolf Hitler
Heim ins Reich = back home to the Reich
  • After WWI Austria-Hungary was split up and in all these new states lived German minorities
  • Germany itself had lost territory and so German inhabitants
  • Hitler tried to convince people that they should establish a Greater German Reich (a large state for all Germans)

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Dictatorship of Adolf Hitler
The German economy should become self-sufficient, so it wouldn’t need to rely on other countries for supplies.
  • Hitler wanted to conquer Eastern European countries to gain possession of sufficient farmland and raw materials
  • These areas were seen as Lebensraum→ future living space for the Aryan Race.

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Do question 4, 5,  6,  7 and 8 of paragraph 3.1. 
Do these questions on Eduhint (online platform). 

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