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How to write an article
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How to write an article

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What is the purpose of
an article in a school magazine?

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Describe the audience
reading an article in a school magazine

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Pre-writing (your article)
step 1) Select a tribe or indigenous people
 step 2)  find information ​ about this subject
Step 3) check out information on how to write an article

step 4) Make a writing plan ​(Friday 19/2)
Hand in on or before 19/2   FEEDBACK


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You have to choose a native tribe or indigenous people. If you can’t think of any you can choose one of these:

- Aboriginal people
- Maori
- Masai
- Native Americans (there are many different tribes)
- Inuit

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How can you find
information about the tribe of your choice?

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Information for your article

• history (use of past tense)

• everything related to the tribe / indigenous people that 
would be interesting for your classmates…

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Paragraph 1- Introduction 

In the introduction you :
– think of a title that will catch the reader’s attention
– include the topic, so what is this article about!
-you might not know the reader personally, but still, you can address him/her directly (e.g. ask them a question)

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Can you think of a catchy title?

Have you ever thought about the most important possessions you can barely live without? Would they be your bare necessities on a desert island? Well, for me it 'd definitely be my mobile accompanied by a solar charger and a week supply of my favourite chocolate.

Slide 9 - Open question

Write down a phrase you can use in your introduction

Slide 10 - Open question

Paragraph 2, 3, (4) - Body

Describe  subtopics  that are related to your main topic in paragraph 1 and make sure that you include your opinion in each paragraph.

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TIPS: Body
- Give specific examples to bring your article to life
- use informal language to involve the reader
- don’t forget to express your opinion
- be personal

 (see presentatie How to write an article)

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I'd like to sequence my ideas. What could be a useful phrase?
Firstly,.... Secondly,.... Finally,....
For example,.....
In short,.....

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Paragraph 5 - Conclusion

In the last paragraph you :

– finish with a sentence which summarises what you have said
– end with an interesting last sentence
– give your opinion or express your feeling

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I'd like to express my opinion. What could be a useful phrase?
I believe....
I think.....
In my view......

Slide 15 - Quiz


Make your writing plan
- werkdoel Literature Down Under

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