Lesson Year 2: 6 - 1 - 2021

Welcome back!
English lesson year 2.
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EngelsMiddelbare schoolvmbo t, mavo, havo, vwoLeerjaar 2

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Welcome back!
English lesson year 2.

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The goals of today:
- You'll be introduced to chapter 3.
- You'll have watched a video and answered questions about it.

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How has your holiday been?
And how are you feeling now, having to follow the lessons online?

Let each other know in a meme!

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Make your own meme about your holiday or the online lessons.
8 minutes to make one in English that you'll need to share.
Share it onto:

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Chapter three:

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What do you think of when you hear:

Slide 6 - Open question

What is your favourite thing about showbiz?

Slide 7 - Open question

We're going to watch 2 parts of a video in which Joey teaches an acting class.

Note down some interesting words or words you don't know, get ready to share them afterwards!

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Slide 9 - Video

What words did you pick up?

Slide 10 - Mind map

Slide 11 - Video

What words did you pick up?

Slide 12 - Mind map

A: Watching
'I can pick up specific information in short recordings about predictable, everyday matters.

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Now go to Stepping Stones
Do assignment 6: During watching.
You'll get 8 minutes to complete the assignment! 

Mute your microphone while you're working and let me know in the chat that you've finished.

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Slide 16 - Open question

Have you learned what chapter three is about?

Slide 17 - Quiz

You'll now work from home:
On ItsLearning you'll find the planner.
Do: Get started & A
Also start by learning the vocabulary of A!
Online or in your book?

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