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last lesson
test unit 1 - 1 October 

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curricular aim
  • finish writing your  informal e-mail
  • what format is used to check writing done by students?
  • standard phrases, how to set up an informal e-mail

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extra curricular aim
  • speak English in class!

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informal - semi-formal -formal
The Cambridge exam requires knowledge of different types of texts. An informal e-mail is one of those requirements.

p. 168 in your book explains more about how to write well

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had or would?
I'd like a cup of coffeee
You'd better hurry up!

How do you know which 'd is which?

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unit 2
- formation of adjectives (-able , -ous, -ic, -al, -ful)
- multiple matching, phrasal verbs
- adverbs and adjectives
- essay part I
- collaborative task - agreeing and disagreeing

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personality types

Slide 10 - Mind map

homework and class work
finish exercises 1,2,3,4,5 then discuss 4,5,6,7 in class

done? continue with homework ex.8,9,10 & read text on page 19

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one minute news:
- hurricane Florence is battering parts of US east coast
- super typhone in Phillipines
- US Gas explosion series near Boston where an overpressurized gas pipe broke 
-portrait of an artist by David Hopney most expensive work of art by living artist ever

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news 21 September
Deadlock EU Brexit rejected. No changes on the table, says PM Theresa May.

Capsized ferry in Tanzania, lake Victoria, at least 100 dead, rescue overnight halted, now continues

Professor accusing Cavanaugh, supreme court nominee of sexual abuse when they were teenagers is willing to testify under certain conditions.

Accused of running two people down with his pick up truck, he pleads guilty, he is called mr Knight, and he is rap producer

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in SOM: read p. 186 and make sure you understand. Write down questions you may have.

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How did it go?

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