What is Bullying?
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Social Studies5th,6th Grade

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What is Bullying?

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How much do you already know about bullying?

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What is Bullying?
  • We are going to go ahead and watch this video explaining what bullying is.
  • While you watch the video, think about what you think bullying looks like. How might a person feel? 

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What is bullying?
To hurt someone on purpose.
To tease and make fun of someone.
To threat somebody.
Asking someone to be your friend.

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What does bullying look like?

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Have you seen bullying happen to you or others? If so, where?

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  • 1 out of 5 kids are bullied 
  • 32% of students say they have been digitally harassed
  • 5.4 million students skip school at some point in the year due to bullying
  • 9 out of 10 LGBT students experienced harassment at school
  • It can mess up a kid's future. Bullies are more likely to skip school, drop out of school, smoke, drink alcohol, get into fights and be arrested at some point in their life. 60% of boys who were bullies in middle school had at least one criminal conviction by the age of 24.

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Emotions and Bullying

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Talk in your groups about how you feel about bullying.

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Go ahead and share your responses here!

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Victims of bullying can experience:
  • Can be afraid to go to school
  • Can be afraid to ride the bus
  • Can be afraid to use the school bathroom
  • Can be afraid of being alone in the school hallway
  • The fear and anxiety caused by being a bullying victim can make it difficult to focus at school.

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What is the difference between a bystander and upstander?

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What are the three options to stop the bullying?
Be a buddy, interrupt, walk away.
Be a buddy, don't interrupt, just stare at them.
Be a buddy, interrupt , speak out.
None of the above.

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Talk in your groups about what each of the three options look like.

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If it's not safe to intervene, what can you do instead to help someone being bullied?

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The Recess Queen
  • We are going to listen to this read aloud. 
  • I want you to look out and see if you spot the bully.

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What was the name of the bully? And what did she do that made her a bully?

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Why did the other children let Mean Jean act the she did?

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What was the new students name?

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How was Katie Sue’s behavior different from the others?
She was brave.
She was scared.
She was bossy.
She was pushy.

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Why wasn't Katie Sue scared of Mean Jean?

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What or who changed Mean Jean? Explain what exactly changed her.

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What could you have done if you were one of the students in Mean Jean's class?

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In your groups, compare and contrast what you learned about bullying and the story we just listened to. 

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