VT21-5.2.3 The Dutch West India Company

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Planning for this lesson
Short instruction WIC 5.2.3.
TvG about slavery
Discussion about Slavery

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Objectives for this lesson
At the end of this lesson...
...you understand what was the purpose of the WIC.
...you understand how the triangel voyage worked.

...you have done research on slavery & slavetrade.

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What was the purpose of the VOC?

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VOC (1602)
-East India Company
-Traded spices

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VOC successful trading network

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Colonization of the Americas (the west)
Spain and Portugal were the dominant powers in the Americas. 

The Dutch also wanted a share of the Americas.

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WIC (1621)
-West India Company
-Traded African slaves, sugar, tea, tobacco and weopons.

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WIC (1621)
-A multinational company.
-Monopoly of Dutch trade in the West. 
-Right to wage war.
-Main purpose in the beginning= Hijacking Spanish ships

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WIC - Triangel voyage

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Search on the internet for an illustration of slave trade?

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Planning for this lesson
TvG about Slavery
Discussion about Slavery

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TvG 5.2 
Questions 8a-8c

We will discuss them after you have finished.

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