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British Empire
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British Empire

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Shields with tribe colors
Primitive weapons, like axes and clubs made of wood, stones (sometimes steel) and wicker rope
From Norway
410 - 1066
No helmets
Parts of the body are only covered with fabric, leaving them exposed and vulnerable
Ancient Viking music

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Shields made of high end materials
Thick, metal helmets
Chainmail armour to cover up exposed parts of the body
Advanced weaponry made of high end materials like steel

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Norman Britain

Reunited England

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Wars of
the roses
1455 - 1485

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Henry Tudor 
(Henry 7) 
Elisabeth of York
Red rose of house Lancaster
White rose of house York

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Catherine of Aragorn
Anne Boleyn
Jane Seymour
Anne of Cleves
Kathryn Howard
Katherine Parr
Henry 8
Henry 8

1509 - 1547

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Mary I
Roman Catholic
Elizabeth I
Church of England
The virgin Queen

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white skin
White skin meant you never had to work outside in the sun.
Lead powder -which we now know to be toxic- was used on her face to reveil blemishes from small pocks.
What did she look like?
We can not be sure what Elisabeth looked like because all paintings and tales were made to either insult her or praise her. None were accurate to the truth. 
Because she always wore a wig, her own hair was suffocated and started falling out.

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Elizabethan  period
Golden Age

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peace and prosperity
Steam power!
Queen Victoria
Grandmother of Europe was haar bijnaam, omdat zij 9 kinderen kreeg en er voor zorgde dat deze allemaal trouwden met andere royals verspreid over heel Europa.

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WW 1
1914 - 1918

WW 2
1940 - 1945
Winston Churchill

"I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat" was een zin waarmee Churchill het volk inspireerde tijdens WOII.

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Elizabeth II
Elizabeth II 
93 years old
Queen of the British Isles and the commonwealth

Prince Charles
Son of Elizabeth II
Was married to Princess Diana, now to Camilla
Father of Prince Harry and William
Prince William
Crownprince (next in line to rule, after his father Charles)
Married to Kate Middleton 
Sons George and Louis
Daughter Charlotte
Prince Harry
Third in line to the throne
Married to Meghan Markle
Son Archie
The wife of William
She will become the next queen of England
Camilla is the wife of prince Charles
American acress 
married to prince Harry

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