English 4O/4N - Week 20

Non-Fiction Writing
By Mr Sacha
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EnglishPrimary EducationAge 9

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Non-Fiction Writing
By Mr Sacha

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This class
- Testing knowledge of structure of Newspaper Articles and of Non-Chronological Reports
- Looking at Newspaper Quotes
- Revising 

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Go to:
And enter the pin

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Newspaper Quotes
- Made by a person who was present at the event/incident
- Add relevant information on the event/incident
- List the name or occupation of the person who makes the quote
- Do not use the word 'said'

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A man was robbed on the street. Write a quote from the man who was robbed.

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A dog pulls a toddler out of the way of an oncoming car. Write a quote from the mother of the toddler.

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Spelling Word Games

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Sacha's Rules of Writing
Use the following rules to improve your writing and get a higher grade!
1. Read the full exercise! 
2. Do not repeat yourself
3. Do not use the words ‘very’
, 'said', or 'then'.
4. Do use interesting and fitting adjectives 
5. Do use powerful verbs
6. Read the full exercise!

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