Digital Footprint (S.I. Lesson 1C)

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Technology Integration7th Grade

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What do think of
when you see the
word "PRIVACY"

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What personal information can websites and apps collect about you?
Your language preferences
Your location
The kind of device you’re using
All of the above

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What apps / websites do
you use/visit most?

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Have you ever heard of a digital footprint (yes or no)?

Slide 6 - Open question

Digital Footprint:
A digital footprint is a trail of information you leave behind every time you go online.

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Where might you leave a digital footprint?

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Digital Footprint: Part 2
Your digital footprint is mainly left on social media. Anything you say online, any picture you post, and anything you are tagged in leaves a trail.

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Privacy or Security

Real life

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Where would privacy/security
be important in real life?

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Solutions Intermediate
Please read the text "Looking out for you." on page 6 of your student's book.

Make exercise: 3, 4 and 5

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Wordlist Unit 1
Go to

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Page 6 - exercise 1, 2 & 3

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