How are you?
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How are you?

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What was the best thing that
happened this weekend?

Slide 2 - Mind map

Did you do your homework?

Slide 3 - Open question

What are the rules?
Do your ....
Speak ...
Respect Each ....
Listen to the ....
Mute your microphone
Stay .....
Thumbs up when you ....
Raise your hand .....

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Write a story

Slide 5 - Slide

1. Which subjects do you love (or hate) studying? Why?
2. Where do you usually study?
3. What helps you concentrate? 

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Look at the pictures with your group. Think and talk to your group about the following information:

  1. Who is he/she?
  2. Where is he/she?
  3. What is he doing?
  4. Why is he doing it?

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Did you know...
These images show the start and the end of a very simple story.
Which image do you think is the start (1)? Which is the end (3)? What happened in the middle (3)?

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Slide 9 - Open question

Parts of a story

Slide 10 - Slide

What should a
good story have?

Slide 11 - Mind map

A good story...
has a clear beginning, a middle, and an ending.

is usually written in the past.

uses words such as "but", "or", "and", and so to organise ideas.

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Story 1
The family are packing, to make a piknik. It was very hot so the children, are jumped in to the watter. 

- Sara Sampaio

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Is this a good story?

Slide 15 - Poll

Story 2
What a sunny day! It’s perfect for family picnic. Jake’s family it’s ready for a lot fun. Family are going to a family picnic. What a funny day.
- Cristiano Ronaldo

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Is this a good story?

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Story 3
Two weeks ago, Tom, Lucy and their parents decided to go for a picnic in the park. They prepared everything the day before. First, they put some fruits, sandwiches and orange juice in their bag, then they went. 

They found a nice spot near the lake and ate on the floor. It was a really hot and nice summer day.  Then, Tom and Lucy went to the lake for a swim. Finally, they all played cards. It was a really fun day!

- Arianna Grande

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Is this a good story?

Slide 19 - Poll

What do we call the day before today.


Slide 20 - Quiz

How do we read this date?

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____ the 1990's, there were a lot of interesting cartoons on tv

Slide 23 - Open question

Three years ___, I bought a dog
I don't know

Slide 24 - Quiz

To do:
Write a story with your group.

Choose a comic, plan it and write about it.

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