Toni Morrison's Sweetness

Tuesday, August 30th
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Tuesday, August 30th

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- Round off Prince Ea's poem and write your reading journal entry
- Introduction to Sweetness
- Read the story together
- Work on the exercises

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Rounding off
- Any questions on the poem and the assignments you had to do?
- Write your reading journal entry on p. 10 of your reader

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Toni Morrison
Turn to p. 11 and let's read the introduction together.

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Toni Morrison
Pre-reading questions:
Define the terms intolerance, racism, oppression  and segragation.

What are your expectations of the story?

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Take a closer look at the title. What are your expectations of the story? What does 'Sweetness' mean?

Slide 10 - Open question

Let's read the story together.

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Make groups of 3 or 4. Get started on the assignments on p. 16 and 17.

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- We'll continue working on the assignments about Sweetness.
- Reread the story, so you're able to share your thoughts and answers with your group.

1. Have you found a partner for your presentation?
2. Have you found a text you like to present?

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