English 0SB4 - Monday 16th November 2020

English 0SB4  
Monday 16th November 2020
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English 0SB4  
Monday 16th November 2020

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Today's lesson goals 
  • Knowing about MyEnglishLab 
  • skill at using present simple and present continuous
  • past simple and past continuous 
  • knowing your Homework 

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1 Checking MyEnglishLab progress
2 Exercise with present             
             simple/present continuous
3  Exercise with past simple /  
                        past continuous

#: Extra activities

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                        ACTIVATING  your account in MyEnglishLab
1 Go to: www.myenglishlab.com/cuttingedge3e
2 Click on: 'first time user'
3 Click on: "create an account"
4 Click on: "Adult account"
5  Give your personal information  ( ROC school address is in Hengelo)   
6  Create username. ( between 8 and 32 characters/een cijfer of symbool/  
                                                             geen spaties/ niet je naam of username)
7  Click on "Keep me updated......"   
8  Click op: "Ik ben geen robot"
9  Fill in your activation code from the book ( = krascode)
10 Click in MyEnglishLab on "course"
11  Click on "join a course" ( on the left of your screen)
12  Fill in the course ID ( = klascode)   

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We use the .............. to talk about facts, habits and routines
Present simple
Present continuous
Present perfect

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kies tussen present simple, present continuous en future:

Shirley and Tristan ... a film right now
are watching
are going to watch
will watch

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Look at the words below. Which ones are signal words for the Present Simple and which ones are signal words for the Present Continuous?
Present Simple
Present Continuous
Right now
This moment
Every week

Slide 8 - Drag question

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Slide 10 - Link

homework check in class every week

Homework for next week:
MyEnglishLab: Unit 1 : activity  7 tm 11

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Let's look at your MyEnglishLab progress! :)

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Slide 13 - Link

Name two thing you have learned today?

Slide 14 - Open question

thank you for your attention

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