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Good Morning
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Good Morning

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1. Homework
2. Virginia Woolf
3. Do men and women write differently
4. Imaginative Fiction
5. Homework ?

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Virginia Woolf

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Virginia Woolf
Work on the following activity and read the following extract

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What connection between Austen/the Brontës/Eliot does Virginia explore?

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Why do these female authors all write novels?

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What explanation is given for the fact that these women were good at writing characters&relationships?

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How different would their work have been, if they would have had their own
writing room?

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What is the final point Virginia Woolf makes about the novels?

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Do men and women write differently?

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Please work on the following activity:

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What point is made about the origin of the genre?

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What point is made about in the article about perspective?

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What challenges do female writers of the genre face?

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Have you read any science fiction or fantasy novels? Which one(s)?

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Are these written by men or women? Does this matter? Why?

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Activity: Read, Write and Share
Link to Activity Answer questions 1, 2 and 3

Link to genre conventions Text & Video

Link to the extracts: Text 1, Text 2, Text 3

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Answer questions 1, 2 and 3 of the ACTIVITY: 
"Can women write imaginative fiction?"

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