New Year's resolutions

New Year's resolutions

English 17-01-2023
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New Year's resolutions

English 17-01-2023

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Did you have a nice holiday?
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Did you celebrate the New Year?
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Reading exercise

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The start of the New Year on January 1st is a popular time for celebrating all across the UK. Celebrations can start early on New Year’s Eve, December 31st, as people meet up with friends
and family members. Many people have a drink in a pub or go to a special party in someone’s home. Everyone hopes to start off the New Year with good intentions so they make some
resolutions to help them have a successful year.

We asked young people around the UK about their plans for New Year’s Eve and about their New year’s resolutions:

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Mary 17 Glasgow

My Plans
New Year, or Hogmanay, is more important than Christmas to some people in Scotland. I am invited to two Hogmanay parties and I intend going to both ! We usually sing Auld Lang Syne at midnight
and my Uncle John is always our first footer at home. He’s the first person to enter our house after midnight. It is good luck if this person is a tall man with dark hair, just like me uncle.

My resolutions
Eat fewer sweets, be nicer to my little brother and improve my computer skills

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Ben 16 Brighton

My plans
I am joining my parents in a New Year’s Day swim this year. It’s freezing cold in the water but it is a fun way to start the year. Quite a lot of people meet on Brighton beach for this first swim of the year. I hope it doesn’t snow. I won’t be out partying the night before because I don’t like all the noise and drinking! My family usually have a quiet evening and watch the celebrations on TV.

My resolutions
Do some voluntary work in my area and improve my tennis. Maybe be nicer to my girlfriend!!

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Sophie 18 Newcastle Upon Tyne

My plans
I am going to the centre of Newcastle with my cousins and friends to see in the New Year. I love being in a crowd when the clocks strike midnight. Everyone kisses each other, sings and drinks champagne. This is the first New year’s Eve in the streets as my parents said I was too young last year. We will probably get back home at four or five in the morning.

My resolutions
Learn how to play the guitar and talk less in class! Study hard to get good grades for university.

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Who has the quietest time on New Year’s Eve?

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Who likes celebrating outside with lots of people?

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Who celebrates Hogmanay?

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Who starts the New year with a splash?

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Who is going to be very tired on New Year’s Day?

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Why is Uncle John the best person to have at your door on January 1st?

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What is your New Year's resolution?

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Discuss your own New Year's resolutions

In pairs of 2 talk about your New year's resolution. Ask each other questions and listen carefully to each other. 
Discuss how you are going to stick to your resolution.

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What was your neighbours resolution?

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Thank you!

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