Pancake Day

Mmm ... did someone say pancakes?! Read about Pancake Day and learn how to make this delicious treat for yourself.
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Mmm ... did someone say pancakes?! Read about Pancake Day and learn how to make this delicious treat for yourself.

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Preparation Task:Match the vocabulary with the correct definition
1........ a race
2........ a pan
3........ a recipe
4........ ingredients
5........ smooth
6........ a fancy dress costume
a. a metal container for cooking food 
b. the basic foods that are mixed together to make a dish
 c. a running competition to see who is the fastest
d. funny clothes that you wear to a party
e. instructions that tell you how to make some food
f. perfectly regular; without any lumps

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  1. Get in to pairs

  2. Read the article about Pancake Day and then do  exercises 2 and 3 in LessonUp.

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2. Complete the sentences with a verb from the box.
1. _______________ one cup with flour and put it into a bowl.
2. Fill another cup with milk and _______________ it into the bowl.
3. _______________ the egg into the bowl.
4. _______________ the flour, milk and egg until the mixture is smooth.
5. Put some mixture in the pan and _______________ the pan to make a thin pancake.
6.After one minute, hold the pan carefully and _______________ the pancake in the air to turn it over.
7. When the pancake is ready, _______________ some lemon juice and put some sugar on it.
8. _______________ it immediately.
Crack   pour      Fill          Whisk    Eat   throw      move      squeeze

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3. Check your grammar: gap fill
Write one word to fill each gap.

1. Pancake Day is a special day celebrated _____ many countries around the world.
2. In countries like Spain, Italy or Brazil, Shrove Tuesday is _____ the end of Carnival.
3. Pancake Day is always _____ a Tuesday _____ February or March.
Lent is a period of 40 days before Easter when people often give _____ things that are bad for them.
5. In some pancake races people dress _____ in fancy costumes.
6. At the end _____ Lent is Easter.
7. Easter takes place on a different date each year because it depends _____ the moon.
8. Pancakes are very easy _____ make.

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Pancake Day is celebrated in ...
the UK and Ireland only
many countries around the world.
English-speaking countries only.

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Another name for Pancake Day in English speaking countries is ...
Mardi Gras
Shrove Tuesday
Easter Sunday

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Traditionally, Lent is a period of 40 days when people ...
eat a lot of pancakes.
eat rich foods like butter and eggs.
c. don’t eat rich food or food that is bad for you.

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Easter Sunday is always ...
on the same day every year.
in spring
on a day with a full moon.

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In a pancake race everyone ...
throws and catches a pancake in a pan
wears a fancy dress costume.
eats pancakes before the race.

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Before you cook the pancake, mix ...
milk, butter and sugar
milk, flour and an egg.
milk, butter and an egg

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Cook the pancake for ...
10-15 minutes
3-4 minutes.
1-2 minutes

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The 'classic' pancake topping is ...
sugar and lemon juice
sugar and chocolate
lemon juice and salt

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Do you like pancakes?   What's your favourite topping?

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Pancake Day
Tuesday the 5th of March 2019
Lesson adapted for LessonUp
by Susan Corrigan

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