EDM 510: How to use LessonUp

What is LessonUp?
By: Brooke Presley
For EDM 510
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What is LessonUp?
By: Brooke Presley
For EDM 510

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What is it?
LessonUp is a similar platform to Nearpod. However, there are different features like duration of lesson, adding tests, quizzes, mind maps, and adding questions directly to the embedded videos!

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You can even differentiate the slides for differentiated instruction! For example, if group A needs more help with the reading lesson with extra practice, create a slide labeled as the "extra practice" differentiation (at the end of the lessons an example).

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There is also a note component of LessonUp. This allows for teachers to make notes when creating the lessons that can only be seen in "share with colleagues" view.

When creating a lesson, LessonUp separates the slides into preparation, instruction, practice, evaluation, and differentiation. This is called learning phases and can be turned on and off when creating lessons.

Lessons can be taught asynchronously and synchronously. Reports are also made after lessons as well.

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How can you find a lesson in LessonUp?

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What is LessonUp?

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What is your favorite part of LessonUp?

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Is LessonUp similar to any other platform?

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Do you think you would like LessonUp?

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