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having a discussion
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having a discussion

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today's lesson
  • strategies to help you have a better discussion
  • language to help you have a better discussion
  • break-out rooms - practise a discussion

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Listen to what the other is saying
Ask follow-up questions
Agree with everthing the other says
the other midsentence
ask the other's opinion
adding personal examples
Coming to a conclusion

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- discuss at least 3 options
- listen to the other
- add more detail
- ask for clarification
- ask the other's opinion
- indicate whether you agree or disagree

- discuss all options briefly
- go  off topic
- be repetitive
- interrupt
- be the one who is speaking all the time

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asking for agreement / clarification 
stating your opinion / agreeing / disagreeing 
redirecting  / changing the subject
starting / concluding 

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Let's start ...
Would you agree ...
Shall we move ...
Getting back to ...
I know what ...
Sorry, can I ...
So, we've decided ...
What do you ... 
on parents
say something?
what we were saying, 
mean exactly?
with that?
by tallking about parents?
you mean, but 
onto the next one?

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agree / disagree
I agree with you / I disagree with you
I see what you mean, but
I see where you're coming from, but
I couldn't agree more.
You have a point there. 
I beg to differ.
I am afraid that I don't agree.

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asking opinion
What do you think about ... ?
How do you feel about ... ?
Would you agree?
What's your view?
Which one would you say ...? 

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stating your opinion
In my opinion 
The way I see it 
As far as I'm concerned
If you ask me
It seems to me that
I think / I guess / I believe

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Slide 14 - Mind map

We see eye to eye on that.
Let's agree to disagree.
To conclude, ... 
Overall, I'd say we ...

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break-out rooms
5 minutes

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