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Put away your phone
Put your bag on the floor

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1798 - 1837

neoclassical period - Romantic period - Victorian period

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important names in poetry
first generation: William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Robert Southey

second generation: John Keats, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Lord Byron

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important names in prose
  • Jane Austen
  • Sir Walter Scott
  • Mary Shelley
  • Charlotte & Emily Brontë (officially Victorian Period)

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British Romanticism in context
In no way can this Romantic revolution be seen as something typically British or as something that is restricted to poetry or to literature. The ideas and ideals of the few Romantic writers we shall discuss, were shared by millions, all over Europe. Artists, intellectuals, young and old, man and woman, the virus spared no one.

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neoclassical vs Romanticism
Age of reason: logical, common sense, Greek and Roman culture, optimism, self-confidence


Age of imagination: simplicity, emotion, individual voices, discontent with world around them

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National Gallery - London
Royal Pavilion - Brighton

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Garden at Versailles
Garden at Stourhead

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